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For Providers

Everso’s features meet federal and state regulations while easing company operations. Additional features provide accurate insight of services and documentation at the point of care. As a result, this safeguards mental health providers for auditing purposes as well as reducing personal risk.

Increased Efficiency

Everso can increase both staff productivity and operational integrity through service authenticity and transparency.

Organized Data Storage

Providers can streamline information to the Everso database. Everything documented is stored securely for future reference.

Patient-Provider Communication

Everso’s communication system connects the patient and mental health provider through multiple outlets.

Provider Authentication

The Everso security systems keep patient information safe while boosting provider efficiency.

HIPAA Compliance

The Everso solution abides by the regulations and standards set by HIPAA. The system provided is secure, reliable and modern.

Accurate Billing

Everso eliminates miscommunication for services rendered to clients and aids company billers in improving billing accuracy.

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