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The Everso Solution

Everso is an electronic visit verification (evv) system created as a solution by mental and behavioral healthcare providers for mental and behavioral healthcare providers. Gone are the days of paper-based verification; Everso’s platform was built to empower healthcare providers, ensure quality client care and increase service efficiency, accuracy and validity. Providers need a real-time solution when verifying mental health services taking place in the community. Everso is the solution. The Everso software provides:

Better Care

Our system ensures clients receive the highest quality care and mental health services through multiple security protocols.

Inclusive Storage

Everso is an all-in-one, comprehensive data collection application that providers can fully utilize to store documented health information.

An Easy-to-Use System

Organization and navigation make Everso an easy-to-use system. Providers can find everything they need within the Everso application.

Higher Standards

Everso increases worker proficiency and decreases costs. Providers gain enhanced credibility and integrity.

Empirical data in real time

Information can be collected and documented at the point of care and in real time while providing more accurate data.

Improve measurable outcomes

Everso’s system is measurably more viable for mental health providers compared to other methods.

Escalate clients to a higher level of care

With integrated HIPAA secure video conferencing technology, mental health providers with Everso can escalate clients to a higher level of care within company network(s).

Increase proficiency

Increase staff productivity

Decrease risk

Quality assurance

Services provided are optimized for peak performance with Everso’s unique verification systems.

Telehealth capability

Everso incorporates technology that can be utilized for telehealth services.

Clinically driven verification tool

Everso goes beyond verification by offering the ability to create treatment plans and upload treatment interventions within the platform.

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